Saturday, 23 February 2013

OUGD402- PPP1- What is design Practice- Free Adds


We have been asked to design a free add for ourselves and two other people. I have to design for Jake Greenhalgh and Danielle Harrison. The mandatories are it has to have no more than 50 words and has to be A3 scale.

I will need to review their blogs and 10 questions to inform my designs:


Professional Details:
Danielle Harrison

Design Skills:
Software Competent 
Papper cutting 

Areas of Design Interest:
Packaging- Sustainable, ethical

Favourite Designers:

Danielle's Work:

From the work I have looked at she seems to have an illustrative, vector approach to her designs that look simple, quirky and fun. She uses calming, earthy colours which is something I can incorporate.

Design interests:

These are some images I found on her PPP blog.

Favourite Designers work:

I had a look at some of the work of her favourite designers to get some ideas for the add. 

Danielle's Add

I themed Danielle's add around her interest of sustainable and ethical design. With this in mind, I incorporated two recycling symbols. The full circle with the arrow represents the sustainability and the bigger arrows point down work along side to represent balanced and harmony, reflecting her ethical beliefs in design, designing for a purpose. I chose to use warm and earthy colours to tie in with the theme and Danielle said she liked pastel colours. 


Professional Details:
Jackson Steel

Design Skills:
Computer Editing 
Paper cut

Areas of Design Interest:
Screen Print
Poster design

Favourite Designers:
David Shrigley

Jakes work:

Looking at Jakes work makes me think it would be best to design a really simple hand drawn style illustration with black and white for the main colours. 

Design Interests:

Its clear that Jake is into hand drawn illustration. 

Favourite Designers work:

Jakes Add

I based my Add for Jake on his interest of cartoon like illustrations. His favourite artist draws in a child like style so I wanted to incorporate this aesthetic, this informed the choice of colour, red, blue and yellow, the primary colours.

My Add

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