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OUGD402- PPP 1- Study Task 1- Why am I here? What do I want to learn


5 reasons why you chose to study on this programme.
  • Specialised institute 
Studying at an institute that is dedicated to art and design is a great opportunity. I believe I will benefit from being surrounded by creative people that all share a common interest.
  • Good reputation
The feedback from friends that have recently graduated from the college has been really positive. They have already found employment in their fields of study. This motivates me to work hard because I have witnessed the benefits. 
  • Globally recognised qualification
Working abroad would be a great experience and enrich my design work. Having a degree from the college opens up more opportunities for my future.
  • Challenge myself 
The expectations and standards of the course are so high. I thought it would be a good test of character and push me to be the best that I can be. 

5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme.
  • How to think creatively 
Being able to fine tune and understand how to intentionally raise my creativity would be an invaluable skill to have. I have a tendency to panic at the start of a project if it doesn't happen straight away, even though I know its a natural, unpredictable process. 
  • To work as part of a team
Being able to work as part of a team is essential. Especially when I would like to work in a studio environment.
  • Software skills
I enjoy working on computers and would like to be fluent in as many programs as possible. 
  • Articulate ideas
It frustrates me when I cant explain my thoughts clearly.It is something I am going to need to be able to do when pitching ideas to clients.
  • professionalism 
The more professional I can be, the more chance of employment I will have. I want to be known for being reliable  and doing a good job.

5 skills that you think are your strengths.
  • Problem solve by trail and error
To resolve a problem I like to try out different methods until I find the right solution. I have always learnt this way and I find it helps me to retain information. 
  • Open to criticism
Peoples thoughts and opinions are unique. Hearing them can give a different perspective and potentially improve my work.
  • Attention to detail
I am a bit of a perfectionist and like things to be done a certain way. Attention to detail is important on gaining a deeper understanding to a brief and producing successful results.
  • Like to work hard
Working hard is very rewarding and a necessity to get to where I want to be in the future. 
  • Organisation
I find organisation helps me to get the most out of my days. In a working environment this will reduce stress and make it more enjoyable. 

5 things that you want to improve.
  • Drawing skills
Drawing is a good way to generate and explain ideas. I would like to improve my drawing to add substance to my design work.
  • Confidence
Confidence is something I lack at the moment. Being confident reassures people of your ability to preform and get the job done. 
  • Public speaking
The abillity to confidently speak in public will be benifical in a working environment. It will help in meetings, pitching ideas and general social situations.
  • General knowledge of the industry
Having a good understanding of the industry will help me to secure employment, design to trends and gain a better understanding of my target audience.  
  • Pace/Work flow
I want to improve the pace of my work flow without losing quality in my work. This will be useful in a fast pace environment with a quick turn over. 

5 ways that you will evaluate your progress.
  • Tutors 
Progress meetings and general feedback from my tutors will be beneficial to see what I'm doing well, and what i need to improve on.
  • Peers
Feedback from crits and asking my peers their options and suggestions will help me to improve my work.
  • Time to reflect
Allocating myself time to reflect on my work will be a necessary procedure to evolve as a designer.
  • Blog
Having a visual diary of my work will allow me to look back and reflect on my work. This will be useful to help me monitor my progress. 
  • industry relationship
Evaluating my work against industry standard will give me a good indication to weather I'm improving or not. 

5 questions that you want to find the answer to.
  • My U.S.P
During my time in education I want to discover my unique selling point so I can find my niche in the industry.
  • What media I enjoy working with
I enjoy working on computers so possibly designing for screen might suit me. However I'm open to everything at this moment in time.

  • Preferred field of expertise
At the moment im not sure what my preferred field of expertise would be. I hope to discover this through giving everything ago and experimenting as much as possible.
  • Companies I would like to work for
This is something I've not looked into yet. I think it will become more apparent when I've answered the question above.
  •  How to get noticed 
Will i need to create a brand for myself that reflects who I am as a designer? 

5 things that inspire you.
  • Dedication
  • Music
  • Creativity 
  • Confidence 
  • unselfishness 

Identify 10 examples of design that illustrate your fields of creative interest.

Monotype - The absurdity of form. Poster study. 

Photography by Alexander Kent

Shigeo Fukuda

Astronomy poster design by Simon Page

Ephemicropolis by Peter Root 

Charcoal drawings by Robert Longo

MAD architects: Absolute towers

Shahir Zag

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