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OUGD402- PPP1- What is design Practice

What Is Design Practice?

We started off with a power point about design practice.

Module Aims

•To investigate and develop an increasingly self determined approach to the design process in response to the brief.

•To develop a practical and conceptual understanding of issues relating to function, context and audience in response to graphic design practice.

•To further develop critical and reflective approaches to the documentation and evaluation of individual and group-based studio/design practices.

•To establish a critical approach to the documentation, analysis and evaluation of work and its contextualisation within current graphic design practice

“[Graphic Design is] An ongoing examination/conversation between the dynamics of
personal exploration
and professional practice” 

– Matt Owens, Volumeone.

  1. Appropriateness of response 
  2. Quality of resolution 
  3. Meeting the deadline


•What is the problem
•Who is the audience
•What is the context
•What is the method of delivery

What Is a Problem?

Are you being ask to......or do you want to.......

Persuade, inform, promote, educate, entertain, explain, clarify, organise clarify, confuse, engage, ask a question, make a statement, give an order, deliver an instruction, make someone laugh/cry…..?

What is your

What are you doing and why?









lens based

2 - dimensional

3 – dimensonal- Objects, spacial

4 - dimensional- Movement, time

Quality of Resolution

•Depth of appropriate research
•Breadth of initial ideas
•Selection of potential solutions
•Thorough visual development
•Attention to detail / Crafting
•Clarity of presentation





is the

Tone of Voice 

•Try it
•Test it
•Make it better

Collaborate. The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential.

Meeting the



Design Practice

For the second part of the lesson we had to answer some questions about ourselves.


What is your professional name and contact details?


What 5 words best describe your design practice?

  • Clinical
  • Minimal
  • Digital
  • Logical
  • Contemporary 

What 5 words best describe you as a person?

  • Dedicated
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Ambitious
  • Laid back

What are your 5 strongest design skills?

  • I am competent with working on adobe software
  • I can like to take ideas from non-graphic design sources, such as architecture 
  • I have a good attention to detail
  • I can finish work to a professional standard 
  • I like to create create work that is informed by modernism  

What areas of graphic design interests you the most?

  • Product and packaging
  • Editorial design
  • Branding and identity
  • Design for web

Who are your 5 favourite designers/design studios?

  • Noma Bar
  • Experimental Jetset
  • Yuna Kim

What makes these your favourites and where can you find their work?


What 5 things do you want to be?

  • I want to be successful within the creative industry 
  • I want to be confident when communicating my work and ideas
  • I want to be part of a successful design studio

What 5 things do you think you need to do to be this?

  • Be well informed of contemporary practises and have a good understanding and awareness of my audience
  • I need to put this into practise, weather it be in crits, talking to my peers or just the general public
  • Be able to work as part of a team as well as individual practice

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