Sunday, 13 January 2013

OUGD405- Research, Collect, Communicate

The subject that I had to communicate was the Bauhaus.

I started by looking into the history of the school and what was taught there. I looked at some of the students and teachers and the work that was produced under the Bauhaus ideologies. This lead me onto the signiture architecture was produced under the modernist traits. I found the geometric forms and ideas of utopianism really interesting and started to notice it everywhere around the city.

I tried to look at a variety of different methods of collecting research such as the internet, contextual references and scanning images from books, recording dates of events, watching documentaries and my own photography for primary research.

I think my secondary research was sufficient in content, however I feel I need to improve with generating primary research, using different methods of collection. I think I need to build up my confidence in approaching people in the industry or even the general public to gain a better understanding of my target audience.

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