Friday, 25 January 2013

OUGD405- Research, Collect, Communicate: Product

I set out to design packaging for a product based on info graphics. The theme i was given to communicate was the Bauhaus. I researched the Bauhaus and focused it towards Bauhaus/International style of architecture. 

To solve this problem I chose to design packaging for the book 'Walter Gropius: The New Architecture and The Bauhaus.' 

I started off by researching Bauhaus buildings and came across the city Tel Aviv which has the largest collection of Bauhaus architecture. I wanted to take characteristics from the buildings and incorporate them into my packaging designs. To incorporate the info graphic elements I designed a 2 dimensional poster that folded up to fit into the inside of the packaging.

For this brief I didn't really have any problems when designing and constructing my packaging. I think the planning I did before hand was beneficial and made the digital process effortless. I had no problems with printing either so I just had to be patient and take my time when constructing it.

Overall I have really enjoyed this brief, in particular, I enjoyed working out the nets. 

Final Crit

The feedback I received from the final crit was a lot more negative than positive which was disappointing. I was told that my concept and production quality was strong, however they felt it didn't fulfil the brief as well as it could of. The main negative issues that were stated were the use of white stock, lack of information on the packaging and minimal use of info graphics. 

I think the comments are fair points, however I designed the packaging for a specific target audience; people that know about architecture or general creative people. The packaging was informed by the characteristics of the Bauhaus and there architecture that practice the use of plain white surfaces and lack of ornament. With this in mind I felt it wouldn't be in keeping with the product and concept of what I set out to achieve, which was to create a specialist packaging. I chose to leave information off the packaging  because I felt it would intrigue the audience into exploring its contents. The comment about the lack off info graphics, for this brief, I think is fair. However I still feel it would of spoilt the theme if there was loads of information. My understanding of Bauhaus architecture and Modernist design is to strip back the elements to the bare minimum which is why I chose to include the information that I felt defined the products context without over complicating.

Overall a disappointing crit but necessary for me to improve on taking negative feedback to learn from which will be a recurring thing in industry. 



I have revisited the designs and made some alternative layouts with some more information on the front of the packaging which was one of the main issues raised in the final crit.

I still think my original design is more appropriate to the overall concept. It think it looks over crowed and lacks impact. After a few days to reflect I agree with the comment about too much white stock. I think I could of improved it by printing onto an off white stock to calm down the brightness. 

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