Saturday, 8 December 2012

OUGD405- How to...


How to Evaluation

The problem we had to solve was

'How to tell a lie convincingly'

We decided to solve this problem by creating a fake competition. The concept was to get students from the college to take pictures of themselves pulling stupid faces for the chance to win a prize.

We set out to design a variety of material to promote the competition. This consisted of posters, flyers that we displayed all around the college. To record the progress and success,  we created an email address and blog site.

We printed 20 posters and 80 flyers but only received 3 entries which was disappointing and shows that most people don't pay much attention to these methods. However I think if we had longer to advertise, it would of been more successful. We looked into sending  mass emails from the colleges address but we weren't able to do this due to college regulations. This could of possibly improved to amount of entries we received.

 The main issues we faced was trying to conceal what we were doing from our peers. This was difficult as we were working in the studio where everyone was. 

Considering the above I feel we did the best we could in the allocated time. We worked really well as a group and managed our time well. Because of the nature of the project we had to work fast to allow some time to make people aware and give them a chance to enter. This meant we had to get the designs finished, printed and displayed by tuesday which was hard work. 

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