Thursday, 31 January 2013

OUGD405- Software Workshop- Photoshop


The photoshop workshop was interesting and I learnt a few new techniques. I think the most beneficial things I have learnt has been how to work in a non destructive manor. For example using adjustment layers and masks for full control over the images without damaging the original. This will become useful in industry incase a client wants something changed.


I wanted my postcards to be recognisable as a set so I chose to use one main feature across the five designs so it would make people want to collect the full set. With my shape being X, I decided to make this the main feature with photos layered up behind to make an interesting geometric pattern using locations around the college that I found structurally interesting.

After having some time to reflect I think the postcard on the left looks a little out of place with the rest. I think because I worked on screen with them I could of done of printing out some mock examples to step back and observe. This is something I will think about in the future when I am designing and definitely before I commit to printing. Apart from that I am overall pleased with the outcomes. I really like the black and white offset with the green, i think it works well to command your attention.

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