Saturday, 6 October 2012

OUGD403 Visual Thinking- Part1 Alphabet Soup

Group Crit

For the crit we were put into random groups where each person gave a short description about their letterforms. The group was asked to chose the strongest five from each person. The image below is each persons strongest five letterforms.

It was interesting seeing everyones work and seeing how differently they interpreted their chosen words. I enjoyed getting to critique their work as well, it was nice to be able to offer my opinions and thoughts.  

The five letters that the group felt were my strongest are

  • E
  • A
  • K
  • G
  • N
I feel the strongest are W, B, E, R and H so it was interesting to see that we agreed on one out five.

Self Evaluation

 I set out to design ten letterforms that visually communicated the word 'Layer'.

I decided to solve this problem by combining visual aspects with concept. The font I chose to manipulate was Helvetica Neue and I chose this font because it consists of seven weight sizes within the set.  I wanted to combine elements from each weight to construct my letterforms. The idea was to create depth and the illusion of layers on a 2D platform.

I created them by firstly, tracing the thinest letter weight, which is the base for each letterform and then tracing different elements of the letter weights positioned off centred, either to the left or right. To finish them off I connected the corners to achieve the perspective.

By connecting the corners it has created a disjointed, warped perspective which is what I set out to achieve. I thought about adding colour and textures but decided against it because I think the negative space adds to the illusion. The space tricks the eye and makes my mind adjust to try and work out the layers.

I am please with the out come in general but I found the letters with curved lines a real challenge to draw. I found it difficult to keep my hand steady to achieve the clinical finish I was looking for. This is something I would like to improve on in the future.

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