Thursday, 18 October 2012

OUGD402- PPP 1 Feedback Exercise

After a presentation about higher education we were asked individually compile a list of things we would like feedback on. My list as follows:

  • Blog
  • Written work
  • Design work
  • Presenting work
  • Work flow
  • Ideas, concepts 
  • Colour schemes 
  • Use of materials/ Media
  • Research 
We then compiled a group list of the most relevant to the course and the work we have done so far.

  1. Use of blog- Content, Tagging, Organisation, Quantity, Quality 
  2. Assessment criteria 
  3. Project time management 
  4. Academic writing skills 
  5. Critical evaluation 
  6. Quality of work 
  7. Design decisions
  8. Understanding design principles 
  9. Individual progress 
  10. Appropriate responses 
We then had to agree on ten questions in our blog groups that we would like feedback on.

1. Is there evidence of successful time management?
Time and date of post in relation to when set

2. Is the content of each post clearly identifiable in each title?
Check PPP, design context, design practice

3. Is there annotation on each post or is it just simply images?
Check PPP, design context, design practice

4. Are posts in the correct place?
Check all posts

5. Has all work been blogged?
Check briefs

6. Are design decisions thorough and evidenced?
Read through

7. Is the writing style academic or informal?
Use of vocabulary

8. Are all images linked?
Check images

9. Are all posts labelled/tagged? (orange link)
Check all posts

10. Are all blogs linked to the homepage?
Check homepage

The questions I am going to ask for feedback on are:


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