Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to budget as a new student during Freshers week

Self Evaluation

What role(s) did you take on in the group?

I was responsible for designing the App logo, homepage, Map and I assisted in organising and constructing all the elements together.

How well do you think you performed in the role(s)?

I think i preformed to the best of my ability in the given time frame. I completed all the tasks I was assigned to.

How well do you think you worked as a group?

We worked ok as a group seeing as it was a new experience for us. The main difficulty we faced was getting organised at the start and making decisions to allow the ideas to develop.

What were the positives of working in a group?

 The breadth of ideas and discussions was a good experience for me. Also having 5 people to divide the work load helped us to get everything done.

What were the negatives of working in a group?

To start off with we found it hard to get inspired by the question we received. Conflicting ideas and different personal styles made it a real challenge to design something with continuity.

What will you do differently next time?

I personally think more research was needed to gain a better understanding of the audience. A better structured plan of action would of been useful so everyone was clear on what their roles were. I found presenting the work to the year group a real challenge and it's something I need to work on.

Where could you have improved your resolution?

Better promotional material could of improved it. Also, more option and functions on the App would of made it more interesting.

What were the strengths of your presentation? 

We had clear visuals and each slide was precise and straight to the point.

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