Friday, 26 October 2012

OUGD403 Message and Delivery: Research

Message and DeliveryResearch Crit

Todays crit was the most enjoyable so far for me. The people in my group had some really interesting articles that I didn't know much about. However I enjoyed listening and discussing information everyone contributed .

The feedback I received was positive and helped me confirm that the route I want to take my research in, is a good direction.

I have decided to investigate the increase of endangered species and wildlife, in and around the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl power station.

Message and DeliveryResearch 2 crit

For this crit we were split into two groups and asked to evaluate the other groups posters individually. 

Feedback from peers

Final Designs

The feedback I received was really constructive and helpful. Overall it was positive, however the majority of people said that the message could do with being a little clearer and maybe more literal. I think this a fair point but I'm not sure how to resolve the issue without losing the immediate impact. I could possibly make it more obvious on the type poster by rewriting the statement, clearly stating the reference to the thriving biodiversity.
 The positives were that they thought the colour scheme was successful in communicating the nuclear aspects, combined with the simplicity of  the overall aesthetic for maximum high impact.

I really enjoyed this brief but found it a challenge to communicate the concept without over complicating. 

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