Friday, 16 November 2012

OUGD403 Message and Delivery: Distribution

Message and Delivery: Distribution Crit

For the crit we were put into groups of four and asked to pair up with one person from the group. We then swapped tables with another group and analysed their work as a pair. Below is the feedback I received from my peers.

The feedback i received was really positive. The required actions I received were really constructive and  fair points. For example, have some more information about where to find more about the subject.

If I was to do it again I would plan my time a lot better. I spent a lot of time deciding on what design to develop  and didn't enquire about printing slots, prices etc. Also, I designed my mail shot to be printed on both sides, A1scale, but later found out that A2 is the biggest size that can be printed on both sides. The next problem I faced was to do with printing, once printed I found that all the prints didn't line up. This wasn't any fault of my own but its something to think about in the future when printing double sided. I used the font 'Impact' for the body copy to keep continuity with my posters. Thinking about it now and relecting on the knowledge I have learned from design principles lessons, impact is a block font and is used   for headlines, taking this into consideration, it might not be the best choice for the body copy.  Finally, once printed and cut out, I started folding the different sections and discovered the black ink smudged onto the yellow. Im not sure if this was because of the stock or the ink but I felt it compromised the finish I was hoping for. 

All though I had some problems along the way and found it a challenge, I really enjoyed this brief and can take away some knowledge from the mistakes I made.

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