Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD405- Typogateaux


I cant say I enjoyed typogateaux too much. I enjoyed coming up with the concept and designing the cake. However Ive never done any baking before and didn't realise how much skill is involved to make a professional looking cake. 

The main problems I faced when making the cake was getting the colours how I wanted them. I was wanting to achieve really bright, vivid colours which just didn't work. Im guessing this is due to the type of colour die I used. Finally I found it really difficult to roll out the marzipan thin enough. Because it has such a strong taste, the thinner it was would of been more successful. I also found it really stressful and draining which confirms in my head that I never want to be in the catering business.

Apart from that I enjoyed seeing what the class had come up with, there was some really interesting cakes that were impressively constructed.

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