Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OUGD403- Alphabet soup: Illustrator


I set out to design an alphabet based on my original letterforms from the visual thinking brief. The word I had to communicate was 'layer'. 

To solve the problem I continued my concept of combining different fonts from Helvetica Neue typeface to create the illusion of layers, depth and perspective. I did this by assembling ultra light, medium and bold fonts, each staggered slightly to the right. I changed the opacity of two of the letterforms to bring out the layers to create depth.

I enjoy working digitally, especially on illustrator so I found this brief really interesting and engaging. I knew a lot of the techniques we were taught in the sessions with Simon but I also picked up a few I didn't know. For example, I learned how to manipulate an existing typeface by changing it to outlines. This will be useful when doing commissioned work, especially branding and identity because it doesn't limit you to using factory fonts which you have to pay for.

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