Tuesday, 14 May 2013

OUGD402- Studio Brief 2- Its up to you- Research

Its Up To You.


I am required to design, develop and produce an information pack that effectively communicates or promotes me as an individual, designer and learner.


Who are you now?

What have you learned?

What skills do you have?

What do you know? 

What do you believe?

What formats can you use to communicate this information?

What tone of voice?

What information do you need to include?

I have broke it down into three sections to start to get some idea of the information that I will include. I think breaking it down into sections may inform the format and be a good way to display the content.

  • Laid back 
  • reliable 
  • committed 
  • Hard working 
  • Music inspires a lot of my work
  • Minimal
  • Crisp
  • Clean
  • Clinical 
  • Negative space
  • Like limited colour pallets
  • Geometric patterns
  • Would like to explore editorial design/branding+identity/packaging
  • Modernism has contextualised my interests within design 
  • Favourite designers: Nomar Bar, Experimental jetset, joseph muller brockman,Shigeo Fukuda
  • Prefer to work digitally
  • Better understanding of grids and colour theory
  • Know a lot more about typography
  • Competent in Adobe Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Can work as part of a team
  • I have improved my problem solving skills, time management skills 
  • Can work to a deadline  

Branding/Format Research

I have been looking at existing designs to get some ideas. I started to look at branding and the forms. A lot of them have a range of material so I will need to think about making my design transferable across different media.

I want my pack to look clinical, utilising negative space and geometric shapes.

I find sans-serif fonts the most appealing and will use them in my designs.

I will use a simple colour scheme consisting of no more than three colours.

I like the idea of having different sections that create a design once put together like the image below.


Images above sourced from experimental formats 1/2 books.

Logo Research

I am thinking about designing a logo to use across media to promote myself and create a design identity. I like simple logos that cleverly manipulate negative space.


Business Card Research


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