Thursday, 17 April 2014

OUGD502- Studio Brief3- Life's a Pitch

Company Type:

Limited Liability Company 

We started off by brainstorming some ideas for the company name. We all decided on using the name 'Stvdio' We have replaced the U with a V to relate to roman numerals as there are five of us in the company.

Next we started discussing what areas of design we wanted to specialise in. We all chose an area we are interested in as a starting point. 

This was then refined down to five areas we most like with branding being the resolution.

Next we started to think about locations and where to base the company. We agreed to base the company in Berlin, this will inform the style of branding and how we market ourselves.

After more discussion we decided to change to location to Leeds as we are going to be starting up a business, we felt this would be more realistic and achievable and we will propose idea of upgrading once the company becomes more established.

Job Descriptions/roles 

We had a look at possible roles that we can assign to each member of the group.

We assigned each other roles within the company. I am a digital director so I am in charge of internet campaigns and general web presence.


We worked out that our year outgoing amount to £66,790. This allows the five of us to get paid minimum wage. We worked out we need to charge 252.40 a day to cover all the wages.

Presentation Planning

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