Tuesday, 3 December 2013

OUGD504- Final Print Crit

Questions I wanted to know:

Peer Feedback

The main points to come from the feedback I received were:

-Change the order of the content: Screen print come before letterpress and emboss/deboss
- The orange and yellow stock is to bright compared to the others

I agree with these comments and will change the order of the process to:

-Block printing
- Lino-cut
- screen print
- Letterpress
- Emboss/Deboss

I think this order makes more sense to have Emboss/Deboss at the end as it can be seen more of a finishing process as well as print.

The stock suggestions confirmed what I was already thinking and I have ordered some more samples with the orange and yellow toned down to work alongside the other colours. Apart from that I am happy with were I am at with my book and feel like I can proceed. Once I have received my samples I will make a decision on ordering stock and I need to go talk to an external printer to talk about the printing production of my book. I am wanting to get it screen printed professionally for a high quality finish.

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