Wednesday, 13 November 2013

OUGD502- PPP2- Task 1

1. Reflecting on my time over the summer period, I found the most memorable event to be my holiday to Ibiza. I find that music is an important factor to my work as I like to listen to it when I'm working. I find it helps me to focus and get into a rhythm helping my workflow. Being interesting in minimal design and geometric forms, I find electronic music informs a lot of my designs.

2. I have made one contact over the summer and at the start of the second year. It is a small independent company called R.A.M publishing based in Oxford. I have been asked to create a visual response to iconic hip hop quotes for a book about the history of hip hop. I think this will be helpful to gain some exposer with the opportunity to gain further contacts. With personal gain aside, I found it to be a good experience to be in conversation with a commercial contact to gain a better understanding of how to conduct myself in a professional manner.

3. The contact got in touch with me through Behance after seeing my work that I entered into a competition on Talent house. This made me realise that entering competitions can be a good way of networking and making further contacts that could benefit me in the future.

4. Although I made this contact I feel I should of pursued more opportunities to go visit some studios. I am wanting to do some placements next summer so if I can get the wheels in motion now it would be a good start and take some of the pressure off for next year. 

5. Methods of contacting creatives:

- Email
- Written Letter
- Behance
- Linked-in
- Send a Promotional pack 
- Telephone
- Skype 
- Lectures/talks
-  D&AD
- Competitions
- Visits 
- Exhibitions 

What would you ask/talk about?

- If I can come for a visit to see how a professional studio environment works
- What inspires them
- Tell them what interests me 
- My design ambitions and why I am interested in them
- If they could offer any general advice on the industry 

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