Friday, 18 October 2013

OUGD502- Review- Level 4, 10 things I wanted to learn

In the first year we were asked to write a list of things we wanted to achieve whilst on the course. I am going to review the list to see if I have achieved any so far.

5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme.

- How to think creatively 

Being able to fine tune and understand how to intentionally raise my creativity would be an invaluable skill to have. I have a tendency to panic at the start of a project if it doesn't happen straight away, even though I know its a natural, unpredictable process. 

I now think that its not the case of intentionally raising my creativity, its more to do with the process and concept. Each stage informs the next which is vital to creating an informed good piece of design. I have definitely improved on not panicking at the start of a brief because I now have the experience of completing a brief from start to finish. 

- To work as part of a team

Being able to work as part of a team is essential. Especially when I would like to work in a studio environment.

I didn't think I would enjoy working in a group as much as I have. I really enjoy the discussions and exchanging ideas. I have noticed, depending on the group, two different ways of working. The first is sometimes, the group all work together and the second is, delegating tasks to individuals. I think it depends on the people in the group but I prefer to work systematically by delegating tasks. This improves productivity and allows you to cover more grounds in my opinion.

- Software skills

I enjoy working on computers and would like to be fluent in as many programs as possible. 

My general knowledge has improved a lot on Adobe software, in particular Illustrator. I feel like I know more than the basics but not quite to to say my Knowledge is advanced. To improve this I need to learn more functions by completing tutorials. I haven't used Dreamweaver before So Im looking forward to learning the software.

- Articulate ideas

It frustrates me when I cant explain my thoughts clearly.It is something I am going to need to be able to do when pitching ideas to clients.

From presenting in crits and group work my communication has improved a lot. However, I struggle when presenting in front of a large group. My nerves get the better of me and I struggle to fully explain my thoughts. I am hoping the more I do the easier it becomes. 

- Professionalism 

The more professional I can be, the more chance of employment I will have. I want to be known for being reliable  and doing a good job.

I put a lot into my work and I definitely think I am reliable and able to work to deadlines. Im still wanting to improve how I present my work, in terms of documentation e.g. photographing final pieces, visual presentations.

5 things that you want to improve.

- Drawing skills

Drawing is a good way to generate and explain ideas. I would like to improve my drawing to add substance to my design work.

Drawing thumbnails has helped to generate ideas and I have learned to not care as much about the quality of the drawing as the idea is at its rawest state. I created a lot of my work digitally last year, I realised that drawing isn't one of my strengths, so unless its something simple or a texture, I don't think adding drawings to my designs is beneficial.

- Confidence

Confidence is something I lack at the moment. Being confident reassures people of your ability to preform and get the job done. 

I feel a lot more confident within myself and my abilities. As I mentioned before I am still wanting to improve my confidence when speaking publicly.

- Public speaking

The abillity to confidently speak in public will be benifical in a working environment. It will help in meetings, pitching ideas and general social situations.

The answer above can be applied to this.

- General knowledge of the industry

Having a good understanding of the industry will help me to secure employment, design to trends and gain a better understanding of my target audience.  

Im a lot more informed about the different disciplines within design. Through PPP1 tasks I learned about the main areas of graphic design; Information/way-finding, Product/packaging, Publicising/editorial, Brand/identity, Retail/promotion. This has helped me to have a better idea of the areas I want to further explore. I am looking forward to working on live/competition briefs.

- Pace/Work flow

I want to improve the pace of my work flow without losing quality in my work. This will be useful in a fast pace environment with a quick turn over.

I found the first year pretty intense with the amount of briefs we had to do but this helped me to push myself to meet deadlines which I think has improved my workflow. I have also realised not to rush the process and enjoy it more.

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