Friday, 22 March 2013

OUGD406- Speaking From Experience

Crit 1

Concept, Method of Delivery, Method of Production Boards

I had to present my design boards to the group. The feedback I received was really positive and has given me some good things to consider going forward with the project. 


Points Raised 

  • Find design blogs that students can mindlessly scroll through. If their procrastinating make it relevant to the course
  • Look at 'Self Control' for the mac OS. It blocks specific websites on a timed basis to deter procrastination
  • Be sure sure to keep it friendly 
  • Keep the content relevant 
  • Make sure irony comes across, don't be subtle 
  • A poster with creases may not look aesthetically pleasing when stuck on the wall
  • Try making a broad range of media, not just posters 
  • Experiment with different nets for the poster 
  • Try to incorporate the content digitally, utilising social media
I like the idea of providing blogs and useful sites to encourage productive procrastination. Also, I think creating a range of media will be more successful than just making a poster. In particular, trying to utilise social medias in some way as they tend to be the most common ways of procrastination.

Crit 2

I had to present what I had done so far to the group and Amber and Simon. The crit went really well and was overall positive. Somebody suggested to schedule procrastination into your everyday task which I thought was a good idea. Ill will use this on the booklet in the centre parts.

Crit 3

We were put into groups of five and briefly explained what we were doing and ask some questions that we wanted answering. We then had to go round the group and write some feedback for each person. The feedback I received was:

  • Change the colour of the text on the left/right panels of the sticker packaging to black and use the four panel design.

  • Use the black and white checkered design for the booklet because it has the most impact.

  • For the sketch book, have a few duplicates of each page so they can do the exercise more than once.

  • Don't think the poster is needed because of the blog.

The feedback I received I was really useful and has confirmed the things I wanted to know to allow me to put my designs into production.


Sketch book

Stickers and Packaging


I set out to create a poster that stated the most popular things people do when procrastinating, using irony. As the project developed, it became more of a guide to procrastination, to make it productive.

Through research and crits, I identified that procrastination can be unavoidable so I decided to create a range of material to help make procrastination productive relating to design and the course.

I though about the problems I had faced throughout the year and designed a collection of material based around these issues. I created a sketch book that has different exercises designed to improve your drawing skills and pen control. I also created a sticker pack that relates to colour theory to help you gan a better understanding of colour and the combinations that can be used in your designs. Finally, I created a booklet that states the top ten things people do when procrastinating and gives some advice how to mange it. It also asks as a devise to direct you to the blog site I created which has a range of design resources such as, links to design blogs, design themed games, inspirational talks and software tutorials.

I achieved what I set out to do however, I had to scrap my shapeshifter design due to technical difficulties. This was really disappointing but I have learnt from the mistake and will in future, allocate more time for production incase of any problems. The only other problem I had was the finishing of the sketch book. I used a guillotine to trim the edges and took off too much which off centred the designs within. Next time I will be more careful and take more time to achieve a more professional finish. Finally, I wish I had though about designing some form of packaging to put the products in, I didn't leave myself enough time to do this which is something to consider in the future.

Apart from a few difficulties I have enjoyed this brief and the challenge of solving the problem of passing on my experiences of the year to help out the new students. Hopefully they will find what I have designed useful.

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